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Show #500 – Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Jason Thomas and Daniel Blair In-Studio

Words cannot do this show justice. We have the GOAT Ricky Carmichael and Showtime Jeremy McGrath in Studio for our mind-blowing 500th show! You cannot listen to this show without smiling start to finish. Skip Norfolk stopped in as well! Daniel Blair and JT helped keep it all on track as well. Show 500, wow… thank you to all you fans who have made this possible with all your support of our partners and sponsors. We are truly grateful.

15:50 Ricky and MC on triple crowns

23 – Jeremy says he never touched his clickers

27:30 – About Eli catching Jeremy for sx wins, Jeremy says “Nope!”

Discussion around same time for a few minutes about Eli being so good at supercrosss

39 – MC “I can’t even imagine racing Barcia”, good segment about aggressive riding leading up to and after this quote

52 – RC “I only won in ’01 because you were old!”

1:06:30 – RC/MC on Roczen

1:20:30 – RC/MC on Jett

1:42 – MC with Shaq story

1:45 – MC/RC have never had beef

1:48 – About flying private

1:55:30 – JT asks Debbie if she’s happy with Steve’s career path

2:04:10 – 2:08 – Mitch stories from MC/RC

2:14:30 – RM ATV team talk

2:42:30 – RC Triumph talk

2:50:00 RC/MC on giving advice and teaching current riders

2:55 mansacped read

3:02:30 RC about DB and RC in the booth together

3:08:30 “I’m doing my job a disservice if I don’t tell it like it is”, few minutes before and after talking about making calls on the broadcast

3:16:30 – Caller about MC signing boobs instead of giving him and autograph

3:21:30 – RC threatening Steve with a gun story

3:38:10 – 3:59:10 – Jeremy on RC moving up to race him

3:50:30 – RC almost crashed in iconic picture with MC

3:54-3:56:05 RC and MC giving each other props

4:03:10 Eks Brands

4:19:30 – MC/RC talking about Stew taking out MC


4:41:10 – Tweets at tallon

4:50ish – Contract talks with MC/RC both (on tweets question about offers they wished they had signed or regretted signing)

5:08 – Hardest race of their careers – MC racing with broken leg, RC shit his pants

5:14:30 Rental car stories

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  1. This was sick. Mad respect for Al l these dudes. Daniel Blair even more so for being in the elevated position he’s in and just sitting there listening and enjoying like the rest of us. Love that dude

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