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Show #512 – Eli Tomac, Nick Way, Joey Savatgy, Lucas Mirtl with David Vuillemin In-Studio

Eli Tomac has secured the Red Plate following the Millville round of the Pro Motocross series and doesn’t look like he’s in much danger of letting it go. He’s on to talk about the series thus far and what he thinks about the final rounds and even the MXdN. Nick Wey has been giving us the run around for a couple weeks and we finally get the NYK on the phone from his original hometown of DEWITT Michigan. We talk about Jo, family and training. Lucas Mirth is the agent of the stars and we talk to him about all things Lawrence, Nicoletti and Moto. We have David Vuillemin in studio FINALLY, it’s been far too long. Great show BRO’S!

10:50 – Millville is best track on the circuit
11:50 – Eli and Sexton millville battle
Lots of talk about Eli and Sexton here
17:00 – Sexton mindset after losing red plate
23:30 – DV thinks Eli’s setup looks bad
36ish – DV bashing Steve for being a sellout, swimming in cash
37 – Nick Wey
41:20 – Nick on working with Shimoda
56:40 – Caller about Nick being teammates with JLaw
58 – DV ranting about mechanics taking parts
1:03 – Kawasaki product just showed up at the Stew compound
1:08:37 – JT
1:14:20 – DV on Dungey comeback
1:35:30 – Tomac
Right into Tomac vs Chase points situation and Millville battle
“That was one of the hardest motos I’ve ever done”
1:38 – Eli admits being mad after Moto 1
1:39 – Eli doesn’t think Millville is the best track of the year
1:40:50 – Scoop tire for Eli talk
1:42:50 – Talks about his pass on Chase in moto 2
1:43:40 – Eli talks about taking it his potentially last motos at the tracks this year
1:45 – Eli’s discussing his pants falling off
1:45:40 – Eli discusses the star team
1:52:45 – MXdN talk with Eli
1:54ish – Eli “We’re there to win this thing”
1:59 – DV high pitched “It’s like a 450!!”
2:03 – Eli on WSX
2:04:40 – DV “I never get credit for shit”
2:05:30 – DV imitating Steve on his mountain bike
2:34:30 – 250 outdoors talk
Discussing Jett moving up
2:42:20 – 450 outdoors talk
3:00:50 – Savatgy asks DV if Eli would be good on a Suzuki
3:14:15 -Mirtl
3:15 – Mirtl on Jett riding 450 at mxdn
3:20ish – Discussing new potential hybrid series
3:52:40 – DV breaks down his contract
4:03 – Le Big
4:07 – Discussing French riders, Vialle potentially coming over
4:22:20 – Greatest French riders of all time discussion
4:28 – Race Tech Rant
4:31:30 – Manscaped read
4:46ish – DV “I don’t really want to be here”
4:48:20 – Looking ahead to washougal
4:53:30 – Caller about Marv and Red Bull KTM
4:58:20 – Tweets
5:13: – DV “I ain’t racing shit. I don’t like racing, I don’t like riding. I did it because I was halfway decent and I made money out of it. I don’t like it.” When asked about racing Loretta’s

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