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Show #52 – Jake Weimer, David Vuillemin and Jimmy Button

Watson calls in sick so Berluti and JR come out of the pen. The show marches on with some great info from Weimer, DV and Jimmy Button. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

21:30 – Steve Cox
27:00 – emails
30:20 – voicemails
44:00 – Pookie
55:40 – Berluti’s story about fighting Ryan ‘Ryno’ Hughes
59:10 – commercial
1:06:20 – Jake Weimer
1:22:50 – Nash
1:28:30 – “He is a hillbilly. The problem is he’s a hillbilly with money.” – Weimer about Villopoto  :
1:34:05 – “You will eat rocks for 30 minutes. It is not fun. You will hate it.” – Christophe Pourcel to Weimer
1:34:45 – “I am happy for you, but you make me lay in bed and cry for a week.” – Pourcel to Weimer  :
1:44:10 – David Vuillemin
2:14:30 – Matthes forgetting to tighten Vuillemin’s brake caliper story
2:17:45 – “I don’t have it on my car, I’m not gonna start now.” – Matthes to the dealer about Blackjack insurance
2:19:10 – commercial
2:27:40 – Stroupe tweets
2:31:30 – X Brand Tearoffs
2:36:45 – Jimmy Button (just got done riding bicycle from San Diego to Daytona)
3:18:40 – Moser

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