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Show #58 – Kevin Windham, Darryn Durham and Essay Winner Announced

Great show, good stories with Windham who may or may not be at Colorado this weekend, Durham tells us how he’s killing it, the essay contest winner is announced as well as a bonus prize and we get some Subway strories from Sinjin. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

3:10 – Watson’s story about blowing a tire on a dually with a trailer and saving it; “Duh, it’s me.”  :
12:20 – Ryan Villopoto interview clip of him trying to poop mid-race
17:25 – story of Brian Deegan cutting the track at Budds Creek
20:35 – voicemails (with Poole, who wanted to sit in on the show)
28:05 – “The guy sitting next to you on the airplane probably wasn’t too pumped this week.” – Watson to Matthes
31:50 – Essay Contest winner announced
38:35 – Poole (Watson hangs up on him)
45:00 – Tweets
45:25 – MotoConcepts/X Brand goggle issue
56:15 – commercial
1:04:50 – Kevin Windham
1:28:50 – Nash
1:34:35 – Windham drinking with an electric company crew story and going up in the bucket truck at 3 AM; “The worst part was your friend. It was your ex-mechanic.” – caller talking about Alley Semar  :
2:02:55 – commercial
2:13:05 – Watson listened to the
2:15:30 – Darryn Durham
2:25:40 – “I don’t know, man. I had a two year deal with them. I don’t even know what happened.” – Durham about Star Racing
2:28:50 – Moser (asks about Durham tweeting a picture of his sack)
2:35:10 – Deegan drinking a Budweiser from a fan story
2:41:30 – “Dude, I hope he slaps the shit outta you when he sees you for all the shit you talk on him, dude.” – Watson on Josh Hansen
2:49:10 – X Brand Tearoffs
2:51:40 – Sinjin and Subway stories
3:05:00 – Has Been
3:13:20 – Kenny’s Corner (Craig Decker (woah), Chris Gosselaar)
3:20:40 – Stroupe Tweets

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