Who was the greatest rider in Europe during the 80’s?

 Is this something that keeps you up at night? Well wonder no more!

Send Me Your Mail!

You know you have some question that you need answered, send it in! steve@directmotocross.com

Eight Minutes with Ezra Lusk

This year US Open definitely had a different vice about it. With all the uncertainty in the air about who’s riding where, who’s working for whom and the lack of star power at the race, it was a muted version…

US Open Press Conference Stuff

The 2009 Rockstar US Open press conference was today in Vegas. Since I live here, I rolled down to the MGM to check it out.

Mailbag! You asked, I answered

 These things are fun, I like just giving honest answers and helping people learn. Email me at steve@directmotocross.com if you have something that’s on your mind.

A Closer Look at the National Tracks Part 2

 Last week I ran part one of my look at the national tracks and the reason why it was broken up into two parts was because I only did half of it before I ran out of jokes. Yep, sometimes…

Ad of the Week

Thanks to Sam for finding this beauty. Who knew that a ’96 CR125 was so incredibly awesome?

Dowd’s Montreal Endurocross Bike

Never seen this before.

A Week in the Life…

As a mechanic for 12 years and 5 of those being for factory KTM and Yamaha, I thought I’d take you guys through a week in the life of a mechanic during the supercross series. I used to get a…


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