A Forty-Two Minute,Thirty-Four Second Conversation with Travis Preston

 The thing with Preston is that you can just talk to him like a normal person so I figured he’d be a good guy to call up and see what’s going on with him and besides, Ferry wouldn’t call me…

We are the (Moto) World.

 It was 1985 and the world needed help. The people of Ethiopia were starving and were in dire straits (money for nothin…chicks for free) and there was only one solution, only one thing would help the Ethiopians out. A musical…

The Dark Days of The Dog

(I wrote this column about Ferry but really have no place to put it-after all who wants to listen to me drone on and on about how great he is. But for reals, this is an interesting story because when…

Some Updates.

Old Ass Moto Picture of You and My Stories have been updated. Check it out broseph.

A Bad Sequel.

You know how you watch those slasher movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween and without fail, the actors would do something that you know would end up in their demise? Like their friends have all been decapitated and someone…

The Wisdom of The Weege.

Weege and I have these weird conversations from time to time as he might be the only guy in the industry that is a bigger fan of moto-x then me. I thought, what if I got him to write one…

TCR Hires Gilmour

Check out this PR.


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