Classic Commentary 2: 1996 St.Louis

Jeremy McGrath was on a roll in 1996, winning every sx race as the series headed to St Louis for the penultimate round but it was there that Jeff Emig rode a great race to stop the streak. Click HERE to watch…

The Bottom Line Show- Hangtown

Check out the antics from Hangtown. I’ll be doing these all year, just not from the GP ’cause I got denied a press pass for being "too negative" about the GP’s.

Pulpmx Show Transcript: Carey Hart Interview

Read the transript of the Carey Hart interview right here, you know, in case you didn’t listen to the show. And if you didn’t…why not?


Time to answer some letters. Thanks to everyone who sent one in and sorry if I didn’t get to it. I’m busy bro.

Pulpmx Show with Josh Grant & Paul Lindsey Archive Up

Great show with Grant and Lindsey telling us how it is in their world. Listen to it right HERE. It’ll be on iTunes real soon as well.

Classic Commentary 1: 1987 Anaheim

This is it, the debut episode of this ongoing feature here on I like to think I’m trying to bring you guys the joys of being a fan that gets to go behind the curtain every now and then.…

The Bottom Line Show is Back!

Each week on Pulpmx, Transworld MX and, you can check out the haps at each national. Check out the teaser…

Craigslist Ad of the Week

Thanks to Chris for sending this in. This guy doesn’t like the look of the modern bikes but he must like blue forks. Check it OUT.

An Honest Look at the 450 SX class Points

The final one of the trilogy. Photos by James Lissimore and TWMX.

An Honest Look at the 250 West Coast Points

Check it out. Photos by James Lissimore and TWMX.

An Honest Look at the 250 East Coast Points

Photos by James Lissimore and TWMX. And away we go…

Pulpmx Show with Larry Brooks, Jim Holley, Carey Hart and Big Nasty Archive Here

Good show last night..some great conversations and good times were had by all. Even Watson was happy despite the turmoil in his personal life. Check it out HERE.


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