The Decision- Part 2

We’re in the new age of information and Chad Reed’s showing us the way.

Who Wore it the Best?

Stolen from the pages of a chick magazine, check this out and register your vote in the comments section!

Mailbag Time!

Send me your questions and I’ll try my best to answer them the best way I can. Make the questions good, however only one Pourcel/Reed one will be answered. Address after the jump.

Got your Pulpmx Stuff Yet?

After selling right out of our intial run of shirts (I swear to god, that’s the truth) we decided to make a retro logo and flex fit hat available to you lucky bastards.

Live Chat- Archive

Well, you missed it. But lucky for you there is an archive and I will be doing this again sometime soon. Thanks to those that tuned in and submitted questions.

Classic Commentary 12: 1997 Glen Helen

Mitch Payton has pretty much been there and done that and in this edition of Pulpmx Classic Commentary, I get him to put the porting tools down and tell me about Glen Helen 1997 250 class. Sit back and watch…

GP’s Classic Steel #30 – 1995 KTM 550 M/XC

For this week’s Classic Steel we are going to look back at the biggest and baddest of the nineties big bores, the 1995 KTM 550 M/XC.

Reed, Ferry, Wil Hahn, Albertyn, Sheak Pulpmx Show Archive

Ivan Tedesco bowed out but we had some other surprise guests to make up for that. Thanks to everyone for listening.

Good Rider/Bad Rider

There were some good, some bad and some ugly in American motocross this summer. Here’s a recap.

An Honest Look at the 450 National Points

I know, I know, I’m like really late with this thing. Just read it anyways and if you want to read the 250 one click HERE. Thanks to Carl Stone for the radical shots.

Pulpmx Wins Montreal SX!

Sort of. Well Pulpmx Show sticker was on the side of the winning #127 machine of Nick Wey.

Classic Commentary 11: 1995 Troy

In 1995 a young Tim Ferry was in his first year on Factory Suzuki and the motocross series travelled to Troy, Ohio late in the summer. The race didn’t go so well for Ferry as he explains here. Sit back…


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