Swizcorner San Diego: Window of Negligence

Lead Photo By: Simon Cudby There’s all this chatter about the racers and the equipment following last weekends San Diego quagmire but you know who the real victims are in the Lime fiasco? Those of us who write about the…

Tomac, Decotis, Vuillemin, Bowers Archive

Eli Tomac finally secured his first win of 2019 in an absolute quagmire of a race in San Diego, he’s on to talk about this crazy race. Jimmy Decotis rode his balls off in the slop to  reel in a…

Keefer Daytime: San Diego SX

Daytime Program San Diego Photos by Rich Sheppard San Diego was fun right? A lot of mud will make this “Daytime Program” kind of short. With Saturday’s daytime program cut short due to the weather there wasn’t much for me…

Keefer Tested: 10 Things About Fly Formula Helmet

10 Things About The Fly Formula Helmet I had the chance to head to Carlsbad last Thursday to check out the new Fly Formula helmet to get a tutorial by Dr. Dan Plant and the Fly Racing staff on the…

Pro Circuit San Diego SX Post-Race PulpCasts

Crazy night in Diego…unbelievable tough night for a lot of racers. Listen individually below or subscribe to The Steve Matthes Show on your Podcast player of choice to listen to them seamlessly while driving or working in the garage.  


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