The $19,000 CR500

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  1. Wow! That thing is trick. Every detail is awesome. If you are gonna run the 91 seat cover, then the white shrouds are a must.

    When is Jeff Stanton scheduled to test ride it? Maybe get Chad to ride it? I dont know why I want Chad to ride it, just do. Hell, make a party out of letting guys ride it. JT$, Marx, Randy Richardson…and then let Darkside crash his brains out.

  2. Came out beautiful Steve!! I’m balls deep in an ‘86 I’d like to put Bailey’s #6 on, wish I had the funds to do the fork swap and all the pimp stuff, but going to try to copy ‘86 factory on a budget. ‘89 swing arm swap, weld up a newer style brake pedal for hydraulic… oooof. 😆

  3. I like the red shrouds better, and have always hated those white stripe 91 seat covers. Would look much better in the solid color of your choice.

  4. Mate, that build Is epic. I think you have done what most of us guys can only dream of doing. Well done.
    P.S Is the rear hub bearing collar screwed in? Looks to be backed out

  5. Awesome job Steve. Bike is killer. Most don’t know how well you do at the mechanicking deal. Keep that bike don’t dare sell it.

  6. I don’t have twitter, but wanted to comment how cool this turned out. Great job for sure Steve. I’ll add that my vote goes to the red-shrouds since it gives it that factory fresh look.
    Icing on the cake would be to get Kenny Roczen to rip this thing and do some media on it, but just leaving it as is would be perfectly understandable as well.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for all the content you provide!

  7. Looks awesome. If just looking at the front half of the bike I like the red shrouds better. With the seat cover and rear number plates the white looks a little better….you should’ve stuck your numbers on but like said before looks great!

  8. Nice job!! I like the upgrades and the Stanton #2, forks were a great upgrade. Looks trick! I like the yellow backgrounds and the red shrouds better. Have an 89 KX 500 I’m rebuilding….it’s expensive ! But there is nothing like the crackle from a fresh 500. Can’t wait to see you riding it. Maybe give Keefer a shot at it? Stanton for sure!

  9. Hi Steve this bike truly looks awesome. The Stanton look is very cool, although a JMB no. 8 wouldve been just a tad cooler still lol. I can relate to this build more as I’ve always liked CR500s and my dad had a 90 and I had a 91. I also would love to locate one of our old machines and bring it back to its former glory. I’ve now got a 95 and you’ve inspired me to get pimping it, so some big spend will be happening soon, maybe not quite 20K though lol. Keep up the good work.

  10. Beautiful build. I’d change the rear wheel to an 18, though. Just doesn’t look like a 500 without the extra visual mass.

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