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FXR Racing/Race Tech Privateer Island #112- Kyle Chisholm

The Chiz talks about his privateer Yamaha set-up, his race in Oakland, his battles with A Ray, what happened at HEP Suzuki, his relationship with JS7 and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at Race Tech to save.

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  1. That was great. Kyle is a bit long winded at times but I think the guy is in the top 10% of human beings on the planet.

    I really appreciate him going into detail about his struggles with the HEP team. I found that very interesting. It also makes me question what Dustin Pipes said in his interview a few weeks ago about why ARay isnt on the team. Any bitterness Kyle may feel towards HEP certainly seems justified. He basically tuned the bike in last year for the other riders on the team! That was the definition of being strung along.

    Sucks the semi truck thing with Tickle isnt going to work out either. But Kyle is so smart and experienced that he basically knew there was a good chance of that happening.

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