The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Tony Lorusso

We talk to NESC legend Tony Lorusso on what he’s doing now, his 3rd at Southwick in ’96, racing the other legends up there, JoJo, Suzuki’s and much more.

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  1. great interview with lorusso! I live in new england and use to watch tony at middleboro parkway rovers

  2. Steve tell your interviews ” why don’t you guys stop starting every sentence with …. To be honest with you … I just got done with the ” yeah no” at the beginning of every sentence .

  3. Lorusso, should have stuck with primal impulse Suzukis,and I believe the party would’ve started,or took deal he had to ride in Europe, None the less he is one of the many New England racers,

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