The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Orlando SX 1 2021 Review

Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.

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  1. At first I thought Weege was taking the call from the bathroom at a club. Then I thought maybe he was in the lobby at a symphony . Movie theater?

    Where the hell was he?

  2. I tend to side with JT on a lot of JT vs Matthes arguments, but, wow, JT really stepped in it with the stadium issue. Hard Rock Stadium IS Joe Robbie Stadium. It has been renovated a few times but it’s the same building. The renovation they did in 2015 added some canopies, new bathrooms and a few new screen doors. The Dolphins never missed a game in that stadium. His analogy to Lucas/RCA Dome and Mercedes/Georgia Dome holds no water. Both of those older stadiums are not in the same spot as the new stadiums. They are 100% new buildings.

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