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Pulpmx Show #444 Wrap Up Show

On this gold medal wrap up show, Darkside welcomes on Checkerz from Race Tech and Ryan Gauld to cover the GH Vet Weekend, prep, starts, friendships, is Craig the main to beat and Keefer being serviced. Special responses by Heather Keefer and Jericho

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  1. 1 of the best shows in awhile…It’s the bones of pulp…Guys talking shit enjoying moto!!! The high’s and lows and throwing shit at each other….Loved it!!!

  2. Ok ok…gotta go there…..I don’t enjoy Jehovah witnesses knocking on my door…I also don’t like Jesus and the devil talk when I listen to something…..I see no difference….Let’s not talk Money,Politics,and religion…..That’s common business talk yeah..????

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