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San Diego SX 2023 Review

Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.

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  1. JT$ and Weege need to get out of their industry bubble. I have NEVER heard of that street bike racer guy. If this were still pre internet days when I subscribed to Cycle news I would have heard of him. Back in the early 90’s….because I subscribed to Cycle news and was exposed to other 2-wheel sports…I could have named a bunch of flat trackers, enduro guys, who won Baja, maybe a couple trials riders etc. I cant name one flat tracker or tell you who won Baja. Is there still an AMA enduro series?

    I’m with Steve, would have much preferred an interview with The Dogger

  2. Listening to podcast now, I agree with Steve on this surprisingly.. We as fans are narrow minded and we would way rather listen to a moto guy! I don’t know shit about that guy like Steve said..

  3. If somebody had asked me who GuadaniniLiniLamborghini is, I would’ve said “idk”. If the question occurred within any sort of motorcycle context, there’s a solid chance I would’ve hail mary’d with “That some kinda MXGP dude?”.
    I only follow SX/MX, race some local AX’s, so I’m biased but I’m not anti streetbike/roadracing. Just isn’t my cup of tea. I know of Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, Kenny Roberts, and the late Nicky Hayden. Think that’s about it.

  4. I fully disagree with Steve on this one! I was excited to see Fabio there! I consider myself a big MX/SX fan. I go to 4-5 races a year, and have for the last 15 years. I could tell you a lot more about Quartararo than I could about Lechien.

  5. Ron Lechien is more of a house hold name in the motocross world then Fabio. Don’t get me wrong champions deserve the credit anywhere and everywhere, but when the argument is who is more known in this world the answer is Ron Lechien.

  6. Hey Steve, I’ve been in this sport since 1977 and I still am a hard-core moto fan. I have NEVER heard of this street bike dude or do I care. I would have much rather heard from Lechien.

  7. We the people who have to work jobs, professionally practice moto and follow Pro Motocross racing don’t have time to know this Fabio guy. We’re not simpletons JT, we’re just tired

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