Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Keefer Tested

Show #163 – Coffee With The Keefers (Episode One)

Grab your significant other and sit down with Kris and Heather Keefer as they discuss an array of topics that involve relationships, sex, dirt bikes, how to deal with injuries within the household, how to get your significant other to be more supportive of your riding, and a whole host of other important aspects to having a succesful dirt bike friendly family.

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  1. Ok dude your 40 not dead.You have 40/50 years more.So…Go grab that acoustic guitar from Steve…do not break it out of frustration.Learn 7 chords.May tak 6 months.No excuses my fingers are to big,My fingers are to small..Get that out of the way.Its fucking hard for a min.When you concur the 7 chords.Then you can play every song in the world…A few years later you can play Leads.Then….Then the feeling is like slamming berms and flowing without thinking!!! Just majestic!!! Not to old to learn..Then Do it with your kid..Struggle together…..10 years later you will thank me…Cheers go get it!

  2. Lmao!! My old lady asked me what do you want for dinner…I tell her I Don’t care! Just to avoid the bitching! Then she says I can make option A or option B ….note these options don’t matter! Which ever I choose that was the wrong answer! Then She proceeds to bitch and moan as I go ….Whatever!!!! Cook the other option then! Then she gets louder…lmao….Then I crack a beer and throw on some moto stuff….Life’s good!?

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