The Fly Racing Moto:60 Show

Show #188 – Glendale SX 2020

It’s Matthes, you and this series’ race discussion. Don’t forget to call in. Remember to listen live Thursday’s at 12pm PST!

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  1. Re: Ferrandis. Yeah his move on CC was probably (in his mind) a possibility to pull off- Tomac pulled the same move on cleanly on Webb that night, but he was way closer going in and beat Webb to the turn exit.

    Having said that, Ferrandis rides on the edge ALWAYS. Eventually it will catch up to him – either self inflicted or someone’s going to plant him. I would go clear back to Paris 2018, he tried nearly the same type of move on Osborne at the start of the rhythm lane, lap one, failed, got sideways and crossjumped into Weston Peick. We all know how that, and Peick’s carer, ended. He’s exciting to watch, but he hurts people.

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