Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Keefer Tested

Show #281 – Suspension Breakdown-Action And Reaction (Shock/Fork)

Get to know your bike better as Keefer breaks down the action and reaction of every adjustment that can be made to your bike’s suspension. Which way do you need to go with your clickers? Listen in and find out!

Comments (2)
  1. Super helpful and the information has cleared up a lot of questions I had! Thank you Keefer!

  2. I will replay this all week long. I’m hearing it late but I love these man. I love little Keefer being on, I think that is what it’s all about. Not to mention, it helps me when KK has to reiterate to AK, what the hell he’s talking about because I need to hear it multiple times. I will now view the written part I didn’t know about since I mainly listen to the pods. I love Aidens take on suspension options, around 1:04 where he says “just give us a motorcycle “ 👍

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