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Show #403- Adam Cianciarulo, Malcolm Stewart, Phil Nicoletti, Tim Ferry, Wil Hahn with Paul Perebjinos and JT In-Studio

AC really stepped into the 450 class with a statement. Yeah yeah yeah, the win was cool but we’re talking about that Chicken retro gear!! Filthy Phil is on to tell us how $100k payday can be considered a negative. Mookie Stewart had a great MEC, winning the backwards race and THE Red Dog is on to talk about how it feels to be on a path to the Pro’s with his son Evan who just went 1-1 in Supermini at MEC. Paul P and JT are in studio!

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  1. Thanks again! Enjoyed the show and really liked the idea of giving out points based on time behind leader! Why not? Lets go 2 races with the timing points thing. Lowest total time wins and event points will also be based on time. Most of the time the best ideas come from sources with no clue. Thanks again gentlemen for your talents, time and humor.

  2. Bro moster cup was Saturday the 19th of oct . The next day was AC9’s birthday . He is 23 y’all act like he’s your friend for over half a decade and don’t know his birthday … HE MADE 100,000 THE DAY BEFORE HE TURNED 23 . #writethatdown

  3. Another great show guys! Keep em comin. Loved the interview with AC. Although Vince Friese has been a PITA roadblock in years past, he was riding well at MEC this year. Even considering who was not there, his starts were impressive. I am wondering why no one mentioned Chad Reed. He showed up to MEC on a privateer Honda but Im not sure wtf happened with him… Time to go race Lambos 22!

  4. Stop letting Dylan talk… he is not knowledgeable about the sport… you can clearly tell that he looks up all his information before he calls in to try and show you guys up on stuff… I’d rather hear people who have actually followed the sport their entire life and want to talk moto instead of reading stats off of his computer screen!

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