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Show #454 – Vince Friese, Kevin Moranz, Randy Richardson, Dan Hubbard with Kellen Brauer In-Studio

Vince Friese was in the crosshairs after Saturday nights Indy 3 race and we have him on to talk about how it went down in his mind. Kevin Moranz has had himself a pretty notable 2021 so far. He’s been looking good in the races and we talk to him about his progress. Dan Hubbard of Raceday Live is on to talk with us about that new role and how terrible it is working with Daniel Blair. Randy Richardson is on to talk about his incredible Yard of the Year status and Michelin everything. Kellen Brauer is in Studio.

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  1. Regarding lappers, I see two issues:

    Awareness: As mentioned in the podcast, more flaggers, better training, better communication.
    Rider Motivation: Riders that exhibit low concern need to be penalized, whether it’s multiple minor incidents or a single significant issue. The penalty should be positions rather than money. Fines have such a significant impact on privateers, with virtually no impact on factory riders.

  2. Not all fans dislike the lappers. I think it makes the end of the race more exciting and they are part of the game in all types of racing. They affect the results in all types of racing. For example in Nascar/Stock Car racing some lapper spinning out/ getting in the way with two laps to go when the leader had a half a lap lead sure makes the end of the race alot better for me to watch but I am sure the guy leading and his fans are upset. It depends what place you are in on how you feel about lappers. I think Webb was held up by some lappers earlier in the race so if it wasn’t for that he may have been in front of Roczen before they got to Wilson and Wilson would have slowed Webb instead of Roczen either way is good with me. If fans can’t handle lappers there is always drag racing they can watch.

    I got an idea. If the riders don’t want to deal with lappers they can slow down.

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