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Show #456 – Cameron McAdoo, Adam Enticknap, Adrian Ciomo, Brandon Haas, Donn Maeda with Charles Castloo In-Studio

Adam Enticknap joins us to talk about his crash and collarbone status. Cameron McAdoo comes on to clear up what happened with the medic during A Marts red flag crash and finishing runner up at the West coast kickoff. Brandon Haas owns the ClubMX SX Team and he joins us to talk about team ownership and a podium by his rider Garrett Marchbanks. Adrian Ciomo of Ride Engineering is on to talk super smart MX tech and we have Charles Castloo in studio!

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  1. Hi Steve, I’ve got a solution for the vicious tweeters and YouTube commenters etc.

    With every tweet, publish the current location and photo of the person writing it.
    With every YouTube comment, publish the current location and photo of the person writing it.
    You get the idea, I know it sounds insane but, c’mon, wouldn’t that be cool if it could be done?
    When I was young, you could only comment on person or on the phone, you had to deal with the consequence of your comment immediately.

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