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Show #458 – Hunter Lawrence, Ricky Carmichael, Rutledge Wood, Alex Ray with David Vuiilemin In-Studio

Hunter Lawrence locked down his first SX win at Dallas 2 and we could not be more stoked to have him on to talk about the milestone. Ricky Carmichael is on to talk about the series and what has been happening through the first 11 rounds in a different kind of year. Rutledge Wood comes on to talk about his experience on the Supercross broadcast and we have DV back in studio for the first time in a long time!

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  1. DV was right – the viewership is very small, so it is reasonable to think that the people watching are there for one reason. – to see the racing. The fact that Rutledge keeps bringing the conversation back to money says it all. He is the type that cares about making the money and not growing the sport. Rutledge is a self serving slick salesman . The reason that Nascar is huge is not because it is a great sport, but because it is easy to digest and exploit. The same reason his previous car show was popular…it wasn’t about the cars but personality. Yea, that gets sponsors and makes money, but doesn’t make the sport better or grow real fans. I think the moto fans just understand that this is what a guy like him represents and they don’t like it.

  2. That was one great podcast! I have new found respect for DV, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire episode, but i do believe he was spot on with Rutledge “Cash Money Baby!”. I’m glad to see peacock stepping up to the table to broadcast live, but fear that they will go the way of the puck tracer technology in hockey, I can see it now bike leaves a jump tracer follows it…..The only other comment i have is “you know the guy…that guy, i can’t remember his name…..” Love you DV hope your on the show soon.

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