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Show #488 – Ken Roczen, Christian Craig, Levi Kitchen, Seth Rarick, Chris Betts with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Anaheim 1 2022 happened and we have the winners from both classes on tonight! Ken Roczen came in under the weather and shocked everyone including himself by securing the win with a very solid ride. He’s on to talk about that shock and Christian Craig is on to talk about winning A1, a race he’s been coming to since he was three years old. Levi Kitchen breaks down what he saw in the 250 West opener and we have Keefer in studio!


08:00 – “What friend will pull down your pants and shoot you in the ass?”

11:40 – Anaheim 1, Roczen riding smart

15:15 – Barcia on Anderson pass/takeout, Mookie and Marvin

20ish – Track being soft discussion

24ish Phone calls, end of SX talk

34:55 – Levi Kitchen, discussing A1 right away

46:30 – Kitchen on Anderson/Barcia, Marv/Mookie

59:30 – Kitchen End

1:08:10 Eks Brand Tear offs with JT

1:21ish – Discussing McElrath and team “They were invisible to me”

1:30:30 – Seth Rarick on Rocky Mountain team A1

1:33:55 – Ken Roczen

Immediately discusses being sick

1:39ish – Discussing Chase and battling with teammate

1:39:30 – Roczen “Do it hard to him like he would do it to me…that sounded wrong”

1:58:30 – Asking Ken about his wife’s IG post about fake vax cards

2:05:50 – End of Kenny

2:33:25 – Christian Craig

2:35:55 – Ferrandis doesn’t want to talk about Craig incident

2:52 – Jagger getting Tomac autograph for fans

3:06 – Does 250 class discussion get to CC?

3:09:30 – CC difference between riding for Geico and Star

3:20ish – Alex with calling Cade Clason story about fantasy

3:26:10 – Darkside

3:34:30 – Betts

3:45:10 – “Pony eve”

3:49:00 Betts Solo

3:54:50 – Manscaped quick read

3:55:00 – Race Tech Rant about AC

4:05:30 – Suspension Direct read

4:06ish – More A1 discussion

4:17 – Manscaped

4:28:30 – Phil ClubMX Story

4:38ish – Tweet at Tallon

4:45 – Forcing Jett down our throats, is it too much?

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  1. Please take pics of what the tracks look like after the night show. It’s very interesting, you guys mentioning the top of the step off, I would love to see that shit to relate to what you can’t see on tv.

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