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Show #494 – Chase Sexton, Marvin Musquin, Phil Nicoletti, Alex Martin with Jim Holley and Kris Keefer In-Studio

Marvin Musquin rode his way to his first podium of 2022 in Minneapolis and we have him on to talk about that and a little career retrospective as well. Chase Sexton had a scary get off with two laps to go while leading in Minny and we talk to the HRC rider to find out how he is feeling and just what he thought happened in that moment. Phil Nicoletti joins us for our favorite segment now that Phil is back in the racing action. Kris Keefer and Jim Holley are in studio!

23 – Jett’s win was a veteran ride

30 – Chase Sexton

58:45 – Phil

1:09 – Phil listens to white noise “I just don’t wanna hear people fucking talking”

1:24 – Phil’s laugh when talking about Mike Alessi’s comment about him being unprofessional

2:07:10 – 250 E talk

2:15:00 – Marvin

2:20:00 – DV supercross drop with Marv, no reaction from Marv whatsoever

2:52ish – Eks Brands

2:57 – JT

3:17:40 – Race Tech Rant

4:01:00 – Chatting with Jim Holley

4:18:10 – Tweet at Tallon

4:29:50 – Jim talking about “big boobs”

4:40 – After Dark

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  1. Thanks for all the excellent entertainment and interviews!
    1) Any chance Coop gets on the DV program? If not – what’s next? A mustache?
    2) Does Mookie need an alloy frame to regain his woopness?
    3) Does Honda go after Craig to replace Roczen? Does Roczen become a trainer?
    4) Will Barcia be Friese wake-up call?
    5) Any chance Eli gets it done? Anderson looks wicked fast and very motivated! Any explanation for his resurgence?
    6) Any reason this season’s track builders have upped the difficulty?

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