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Show #509 – Joey Savatgy, Cole Seely, Brandon Haas with Justin Starling and Devin Harriman In-Studio

We have seen 4 450MX winners in 4 rounds and we have Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy on to talk about the series in general as well as his own progress in particular. Cole Seely is coming back to two wheels with the MCR Honda crew in the World SX 250 series and just mayyyyybe he’s gonna resurface in 450 SX in 2023? Brandon Haas of ClubMX is on to talk about his team’s program and progress in 2022 and plans for the future. Justin Starling is in studio securing the high level Moto centric cohosting duties. Great show!!

6:00 Short discussion about Seely coming back for world SX
9:45 – Lawrence brothers battle at High Point
12:30 – Hunter mad after Moto 2 for not winning
14:00 – Tomac coming on strong
16 – Dungey gaining confidence
19:30 – Call about Herlings challenging Tomac on Gypsy pod
24 – 2 riders in each class that Starling has been impressed with this year
32:40 – Brandon Haas
38:30 – ClubMX team updates from Haas
4:30 – Possibility of Marchbanks re-signing with Club team
48:00 – Brandon breaks down some ClubMX finances
52:20 – Starling breaks down SX finances as a privateer
1:00 – Club dealing with Yamaha regarding parts etc.
1:13:45 – JT
1:1700 – update about Cairoli not being paid, response from KTM
1:28:45 – Eks Brands
2:03:20 – Savatgy
2:08ish – Discussing the gnarly tracks with Savatgy
2:13 – Joey on differences between the Kawi now from when he was on it last
2:21:30 – Joey on hard racing with Barcia
2:27:40 – Joey on potential plans for ’23
2:36:10 – Cole Seely
Jumps right into how things came together for the MCR world SX deal
2:42:50 – Why is Cole racing 250 instead of 450?
3:07:30 – Devin Harriman in studio, discussing his year
3:21 Race Tech Rant – Herlings vs Tomac discussion from Gypsy Tales
3:36 – Discussing Mosiman & Hampshire outdoors
3:39 – Looking ahead to red bud
4:20:30 – Discussing the ffuture of Arenacross
4:29ish Manscaped read
4:31:30 – Tweets
4:42 – Aussie Nic calling about SX/MX Grand Champion rumors

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