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Show #518 – Mitch Payton, Josh Ellingson, Lewis Phillips, Chris Betts with Kellen Brauer In-Studio

We’ve reached the end of another series and 2022 is a wrap! Tonight we have Pro Circuit head honcho Mitch Payton on the line to talk about the great improvement of Jo Shimoda as the series dwindled down and how Cameron McAdoo is getting back into race form again. We discuss a little MXdN with the legendary man as well. Eli Tomac’s mechanic, Josh Ellington is on to talk about an incredible debut season on Blue for ET3 and going 2 for 2 in titles for the 2022 racing calendar. Lewis Phillips is on to talk MXGP’s, FORATO, MXdN and the end of the Nationals as well. We have Kellen Brauer in studio as well, GREAT SHOW BRO!

Beginning of show – Pala 2 discussion, Chase and Eli
10:40 – Best season ever for Eli
19:40 – Dungey retiring again
25:30 – Jett winning title, Rodman out of nowhere
26:30 – Jett 450 talk
29:40 – Eli ’23 SX champ?
33:50 – Lewis Phillips
37:15 – MXGP championship discussion
48:00 – Herlings man friend gets paid from KTM not Jeffrey
53:20 – French MXdN team drama, Febvre doesn’t want to because of ego
55:40 – MXdN sleeper country
1:07:20 – Josh ellingson
1:09:15 – Eli any different at Pala 2 on Raceday?
1:16:20 – When Eli signed with Star from mechanic perspective
1:19:20 – Eli being able to make bike changes as opposed to Kawi camp
1:22:20 – Bonus for mechanic
1:26ish – Rude kids begging for plastics
1:34ish – JT
1:36:10 – JT TV reporter outdoors recap
1:48ish – Discussing rotating analysts outdoors
1:54:10 – Eks Brands
2:06:20 – Jlaw championship party, JT says can’t be topped
2:41:40 – Mitch Payton
2:43:20 – Mitch on shortened motos
2:45 – Mitch on Shimoda’s outdoor season
2:48:40 – Mitch on Hammaker’s season
2:55:35 – Mitch on Glen Helen
2:59 – Mitch on MotoSupercross Playoffs
3:01:20 – Mitch on Jett Reynolds
3:21:30 – Chris Betts
2:23:30 – Betts “I feel like the baseball A.Ray out here”
3:56ish – PMXF Drawing
3:59:30 – Troll and Deano retiring
4:08:30 – 4:15:30 – Race Tech Rant – Motos shortening (YouTube bait)
4:22:10 – Steve chicken noises
4:44 – Voicemails
Best brother duo in mx
4:54:00 – Tweets
5:08:10 – Kellen Start Your Systems talk

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  1. Omg Bubbas world Pala two. 35 min 32 seconds in to the review his lips got stuck together.. I swear its hilarious.. I was listening to it and his mouth must have dried out a little and he probably caused a “Lip Burn”

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