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Show #519- Rob Buydos, Denny Stephenson, Rory Sullivan, Tim Ritchie with RJ and Robbie Wageman and Richard Taylor In-Studio

Tim Ritchie of Red Buuuuuud is on to talk MXdN and the best track of the US Motocross series hosting the historic event this weekend. Rob Buydos joins us to talk Pit Bike Des Nations, the second biggest race of the year which is the precursor to the MXdN. Denny Stephenson is a former 125 SX Champ and rabid fan of the sport, he joins us to talk MXdN scenarios and current moto events. Rory Sullivan joined Matthes at the Gold Creek Lodge this past week in Idaho and he comes on to talk about that epic adventure. We have The Wageman Bro’s and Lil RT in studio as well!

13 – Kenny leaving Honda
33 – Tim Ritchie
39 – TIm on Red Bud MXdN changes
2:21:00 – Eks Brands
2:31 – DBO
Right into USA chances at MXdN
2:48:30 – DBO on Honda
3:01 – Quick Robbie Wageman update
3:04 – Rory Sullivan
3:29:30 – Race Tech Rant
4:04:30 – WSX 250 talk
4:09:40 – Richard Taylor update
4:14:00 – RJ Wageman update
4:20:50 – Tweets

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