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Show #523 – World Vet Show with Newf and Gauld In-Studio

It’s the World Vets extravaganza wrap-up with The Newf, Gauldy, Keefer and Mr.Side… sometimes Dark, sometimes Quit but this weekend he was “Rattledside”. It’s a light hearted but melancholy show at times due to the passing of JGR’s Coy Gibbs. We pay respects with the fun stories and times had with Coy during his time in the sport and spotlight what a truly great guy he was; and how he continues to leave a mark on us today. It’s a great show and if there was nothing else in the world to listen to, Coy would have loved it too.

13:00 Coy Gibbs talk & Weege
33:30 Steve sending letter to JGR HR story
56:30 – Starting World Vet talk, jumps into Glen Helen improvements compared to the previous shitshows
1:22:40 – Keefer
1:50:20 – Discussing Darkside
1:52:20 – Steve’s “special stuff” reveal
2:03ish – Gauldy stripping down to get into hot tub
2:43:30 – JT
2:55:20 – Roczen to ride HEP bike this week
3:37 – John Anderson
4:04:40 – Eks Brands
4:12:30 – 24 hours of Glen Helen possibility next year
4:15:30 – Race Tech Rant
4:18 – Gauldy/Newf Game
4:24 – Gauldy making fun of Newf “being at Atlas for 10 years” answer
4:36 – Gauldy talks about the pit bike of nations debacle
4:40:40 – Newf “I’m gonna shit on you here in a minute”
4:47:20 – Tweets

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