Video: Showdown at Western Raceway

A challenge was made– scratch that, TWO challenges were made. We decided the only way to solve this riddle was mano-e-mano, on thoroughbred steeds in the deserts of Las Vegas at Western Raceway.…

Blogandt! Revisited: Jersey Shore

(Before I met Weege, he was doing this Blogandt errr, blog on the early days of Racer X Online. Funny stuff, an obvious passion for the sport and I felt like, “Hey I think I would like this guy …

Swizcorner: 10 Days Later

How you doin? There is so much bizarreness in the World right now. It has been 10 days since our (the SX MX community) really felt the press of the COVID-19 reality. Raise your hand if that 10 days re…


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