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Observations from the 2008 Nanaimo CMRC National DVD

I was sitting at home recently and was thinking about putting in the DVD of “The World’s Greatest Supercrosses” for the 6,294th time when I discovered a little gem stuck under my Rambo series. It was half of the 2008…

For Once, I’m Speechless..

From a Steve Cox interview of Davi Millsaps on RXI.

The Silent Bomb.

This is something I wrote in last weeks Cycle News.

Steve and Jason Matthes old-ass racing photos.

My dad Tommy got us into racing when we were pretty much in diapers. Except I didn’t really like riding that much, I prefered to play Star Wars…

Did’ja ever wonder what Chris Gosselaar has been up to?

Well, I found out! Little Goose never had that much success over here for the rides that he had but he still put in a good showing for many years…

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Matthes vs Blair Morgan!

Check out this unintentionally hilarious video and story behind it. Sigh…what could’ve been. LOOK here.

Red Dog- A Career in Pictures.

With Tim Ferry being injured and not busy training or riding, I thought it’d be fun to do this. Plus now he takes my calls. I tracked some old photos down and got him to tell the story. I scanned a…

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