Observations from Southwick

Check out everything I had to say about Southwick in the BTOSports.com Observations from Southwick after the jump.

Pulpmx Show with Langston, Hill, Preston and T Alessi Archive Up!

Thanks for listening last night, we went a little long but listening to us debate on who could beat who up was well worth it. Link after the jump.

Tell Us a Story, Timmy Ferry and Lee McCollum

I go back into the time machine and ask Ferry and his mechanic that year to tell me about a picture.

Mailbag Time!

Here are real live emails from real listeners/readers. We touch on Jenna Haze, Houston 2005, KTM and some other things. Use the contact form to send your thoughts in.

Pulpmx Show with W Hahn, Haze and Phil Lawrence Archive

Thanks to the listeners and special thanks to our guests on a great show. Link after the jump.

Classic Commentary 9: 1997 Vegas

The championship winning mechanic from that night, Jeremy Albrecht, fills us in on what was going on at the 1997 Las Vegas SX Thanks for watching these things. This race is the final round of the ’97 supercross series and…

Larry Brooks Podcast Transcription

I just thought this podcast was pretty interesting so I transcribed it for those that are hearing impaired. Or hate Podcasts.

Cheech, A Mountain and The Rising Sun

As I’ve always said, this is your site as much as it is mine. So with that in mind, some guy named Michael sent in this funny story about his ride day with a celebrity in Las Vegas. Good stuff.

World MX Celebrities Race Report- Day 2

Here’s some quotes, pictures and a video from the celebrity MX race held down in Mexico. Hope they hold it on an off-weekend next year!

BTOSports.com Observations from Unadilla

Everything I saw at Unadilla, you can read over on Transworld MX. Link after the jump.

World Celebrities Race Report

Here’s some pictures and info from day one of this race in Mexico that no one knew anything about. Sounds like fun!

Tell Us A Story, Rich Taylor

RT tells us a little diddy about this photo right here. He’s just not quite sure where it’s from.


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