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Send me your photos…

Not those kind though. I mean ones of you racing back in the day, scan them, attach a little story and send them to and I’ll put them up under the old ass moto pictures…


Thanks for sending in the letters, sorry for the guys that didn’t make it in but maybe your questions just sucked. Did you ever think about that?…

Want Some More Answers? Write me!

After the incredibly amazing sucess the first week, let’s try this again. Anything you want to know but was afraid to ask your mon or dad.…


You guys wanted answers, well I gave them to you. 3000+ words of them actually! Thanks for the questions, sorry If your email never got picked. Lifes tough sometimes. Let’s try to do this weekly…

Silence is (not) Golden.

The sport of motocross is a strange one to be sure, often times you can watch and baseball or hockey game and feel pretty confident that you can review a players performance fairly and accurately. But…


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