Time for another exciting mailbag. You know you just couldn’t wait you cheeky monkeys.

For Once, I’m Speechless..

From a Steve Cox interview of Davi Millsaps on RXI.

The Silent Bomb.

This is something I wrote in last weeks Cycle News.

Steve and Jason Matthes old-ass racing photos.

My dad Tommy got us into racing when we were pretty much in diapers. Except I didn’t really like riding that much, I prefered to play Star Wars…

Did’ja ever wonder what Chris Gosselaar has been up to?

Well, I found out! Little Goose never had that much success over here for the rides that he had but he still put in a good showing for many years…

Send me your questions! We’ll have a mailbag together…

Send your questions to and I’ll try to answer them.


Once again, I select the best (or funniest) letters and answer them here. Thanks to all who sent in and we’ll keep doing this as long as I keep getting them.

Matthes vs Blair Morgan!

Check out this unintentionally hilarious video and story behind it. Sigh…what could’ve been. LOOK here.

Red Dog- A Career in Pictures.

With Tim Ferry being injured and not busy training or riding, I thought it’d be fun to do this. Plus now he takes my calls. I tracked some old photos down and got him to tell the story. I scanned a…

Want Some Answers? Write me and Get Some!

You know the drill. We’ll try to answer some of them on Friday.

Send me your photos…

Not those kind though. I mean ones of you racing back in the day, scan them, attach a little story and send them to and I’ll put them up under the old ass moto pictures of you. Get on…


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