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Anaheim 1986

Matthes and Weege recap the epic Anaheim 1986 race as in, what the hell was it like to be there, Wardy’s DNF, the battle up front, who’s the guy with the cig, we talk to Jim Holley who got lapped at this race, we award the real winner of the race and much more.

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  1. OMG, this podcast made me laugh. Had to listen to it twice, then watched the race.
    Seeing Mitch on the gate with his wheel chair next to riders taking off for the LCQ is priceless!

    These podcasts are fantastic, please keep them coming , thank you .
    Mx Phil.

  2. Great shit!!! I was 12 watching this.Wardy was my guy,but this was when I recognized technique.The different style from Wardy,RJ and Bayle…that was a lightbulb moment.Bayle was so good!! McGrath,JMB,Marvin.Basically stole this technique….Smooth is fast!!! Yes I know Wardy wasn’t in this 1.

  3. Wish you guys would have talk about the different forks RJ & DB we’re running. RJ had a inverted set up while DB had a conventional fork.

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