The Re-Raceables

Anaheim 2005

The debut episode of the new Leatt Re-Raceables Podcast where Steve Matthes and Jason Weigandt take you through the epic Anaheim 1 2005 SX opener. From the mud, to Stew’s 250SX debut to RC throwing it away, Weege and Matthes recap all the drama on TV and behind the scenes of this epic race

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  1. Awesome Podcast. Great fun and great memories. I was there and it was fun to remember it this way. Can’t wait for more! Could you post links to videos of the races you Re-Race?

    Keep up the great work.
    Dan Rad

  2. That was awesome. We all feed off of Jasons energy including you Steve. He just makes me happy listening to him get so excited about whatever really. And the awards are a great idea too. The Jacob Marsack award…you pulled that one out of thin air. Wheres JT? is pretty good too. And any reference to a “whos that?”(That Martin guy from OK) is always cool.

    Keep em coming please.

  3. I was at that race. Windham cut the track after Larocco passed him . Windham should have been doct a lap…..I was blown away that ama screeed it up. No shit! I know it to be true

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