The Re-Raceables

Atlanta SX 1989

Weege and Matthes look back at a race that marked the end of one era and started another. From Jeff Stanton’s first win to RJ’s dominance being over, Chuck Reed, Barnett, Rollerball, Larry Brooks eventful evening and more, they try to cover it all. The guys even get Jeff Stanton on the line to talk about that night!

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  1. you mentioned about Wardy being the last open face helmet. that is true but JMB did pull out the open face JT helmet for the ’91 Hangtown mud national. I remember seeing pictures of him doing it in Europe in ’89 too.

  2. I might hold “the last guy to wear an open face” award, Hangtown 96 However I failed to qualify . Kyle Lewis took note of my open face going out for practice

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