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Detroit SX 2023 Review

Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.

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  1. Another comment re: Justin Hill and MCR. Following his 8th place finish in the SX series in 2020, he wanted to stay in race shape and hit some pro races on the west coast. He was informed by MCR that if he wanted a practie bike he would have to pat for it. So he did. Then the transmission broke, and it was not a production unit and when he tried to get some assistance from his “team” they basically told him to pound sand. So I realize that “Steven A” Matthes needs to cultivate his relationships with his valued industry sources, but to just make shit up about a guy and pile on when he’s down is, in journalistic lingo, unforgivable bullshit. SAo go fuck yourself.

  2. Hunters situation was completely different than douchebag deegan , and hunters was not a team mate,and at mid podcast Steve ask if 250 class that bad off with riders ? Yes it’s heavily depleted in my opinion .and if I was smith I would have went back to rig and smoked deegan right in the mouth then gut stomped him , it would never happen again , take that to the bank !

  3. Deegan’s response and entire demeanor in the post race conference was really disappointing. Made me not a fan rooting for a young kid anymore. Also makes me question his situation at Loretta’s a little more. Wondering if this is really his true colors. I hope not.

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