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FXR Racing/Race Tech Privateer Island #110- Dustin Pipes

We talk to the manager/co-owner of the HEP Suzuki team about his teams start to the year, Clark Jones, why no A-Ray, the status of the 722, hiring Mad Max, can you make money owning a race team and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at Race Tech to save.

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  1. -I felt like I was listening to Jake Weimer, same tone and cadence.
    -The Aray question left me wondering if he killed a hooker or something at Monster Cup.
    -Sounds like Max had an agreement in place with HEP, a better looking chick (Star Yamaha) walked by and he cheated on HEP.
    -I’m looking forward to see what Breece can do this year
    -Its never a bad thing to have Kyle Cunningham on your team, love that guy.

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