The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Brian Myerscough

We call up the former late 70’s 80 superstar turned factory Suzuki rider about what he’s doing now, his national wins, quitting the sport for a year, racing a factory Honda, the heartbreaking 1983 USGP and much more

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  1. So cool to go back to my era of 80s Saddleback. Listening to Brian puts those visual pictures in my head of watching him race. Good times. Thanks Brian and Steve.

  2. If you think Brian can ride motocross you should have seen him operate a vintage Kawasaki stand-up jet ski. I watched Brian do every trick possible on the Parker Strip. He could ride anything and make it look like child’s play. Brian I hope you’re doing well these days and I still remember seeing you standing on your head riding Mark Harp’s hopped up JS550 .

  3. My best friend lived on the street around the corner and knew my friend as we were both from friend Mike would walk by Brian’s house every day to the school bus stop .he said he would watch brian ride around in the field next to his house and watch him do some incredible preload onto and off of a ledge and could make the bike lift and clear the ledge just by squeezing the preload and hopping up the ledge effortless with incredible balance and then hauls to the end of holms way and roost up the PEAK.THEN FLY OFF THE TOP OF THE PEAK IN 2ND OR 3RD GEAR FLIGHT TO AVOID THE RUTS THAT WERE AT THE TOP..I MET HIS BROTHER JOHN BEFORE AND I AM GOOD FRIENDS WITH MR MARK HARP BUT NEVER GOT TO RIDE OR HANG WITH THE MASTER FLYINBRIAN.HOPE YOUR DOING WELL MY CALIMESA RIDING BROTHER.IVE RODE THE MYERSCOUGH TRACK AND THE PEAK RUN A HUNDRED TIMES(STAY TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PIPE) ONY PEOPLE THAT HAVE RODE THE PEAK KNOW ABOUT THE PIPE) IF YOUR LEFT OF IT YOU FLY OFF THE MOUNTAIN,)AND I THOUGHT OF YOU EVERYTIME I RODE UP THERE THE BEST HARDPAK CLAY YOU COULD EVER FIND.I LIVE UP NORTH NOW AND THE RIDING BACK IN MESA IS VERY LITTLE DUE TO HOUSES AND GROUTH. .BUT IT WAS THE BEST. TRAINING GROUND RIDING I THINK THERE COULD EVER BE.TAKE CARE ALL ps. reche.canyon as well the bomb.

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