The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Chad Reed

On the eve of his final race here in SLC, I catch up to the 3-time SX & MX champion to talk about the decision to hang it up, is he really done racing, his three high points of his career, some of his competition and more

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  1. That was fantastic. One of the best, most informative interviews I’ve witnessed. Had a chance to talk to him at the pits at Salt Lake several years ago. Super nice, polite, and professional. He took time out to talk to my son for a bit, and my son, now 25 brings it up every time he hears or sees Chad. on the net or TV. Really stinks that COVID affected his last season. We got tix to see the Denver SX, and a big reason why we were going was because it was Reed’s last season.

    It sounds like Reed still hears the testosterone call to compete, but he’s very well spoken, and it’d be cool that he could be a part of the broadcast team. I wonder if he has any interest in that?

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