The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Chris Leatt

We talk to Dr Chris Leatt about his company now, his beginnings in the sport, coming up and designing the first neck brace, the initial popularity, the critics of the brace, safety advances in the sport and more

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  1. I would love to hear/see a debate between Dr. Leatt and Ryno. It would be epic. I don’t think Ryno’s “Bro Logic” psuedo science would hold up against Dr. Leatt’s scientifically proven facts/studies.

  2. This was a great episode. I feel compelled to share it with my friends. The amount of detail oriented studies and research that went into creating Leatt products is immense. Chris Leatt has done and continues to do an amazing service to our sport and sports alike. He has silenced any doubters about effectiveness of neck brace safety and the false statements that have been made about the ability to perform at the highest level while wearing a neck brace. Thank you for interviewing Chris Leatt and bringing his point of view to us!

  3. Ryno says its because it creates a stiff body. I bet that Leatt could work with him and make a brace that would be protective and mobile that he would be ok with. Again I think it is a different world. They are chasing 5% improvements where most standard guys are chasing 25-30% I say Pros are a different user case then the standard weekend warrior

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