The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Eddie Lawson

The 4-time World Champion in road racing talks about his career on pavement, winning SuperBikers twice, his love of motocross, his IndyCar racing, Daytona 200, his start in flat tracking and much more.

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  1. Steve I love all of your content.
    This interview was fantastic.
    I’m 56 yr old norcal Moto guy..
    Not very involved still own a 450.
    Grew up racing Blair’s dad lol
    Have a great Doger story from Loretta 1982
    Remember Berluti. at the local races

    I love your whole cast of characters.

    PS I flew to Daytona 200 with a Ogio 9800👋

  2. I’m not a road racer fan, dirt track fan, but I enjoyed ever minute of your interview with Eddie Lawson. Nice to hear about any motorcycle champion, regardless of discipline. Thanks Steve

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