The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Eddie Warren

Former factory Kawasaki racer Eddie Warren talks about his decision to move to Australia in 1988, winning nationals in 125MX, his amateur career, his decision to not really talk to the media over the years, racing in Japan, what he’s doing now and more.

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  1. Was very happy to hear the interview with Eddie, Thank you Steve. I might add that Eddie was also a very accomplished roadracer as well he dabbled in karting and was pretty good at that. Sadly he never took a shot at the MX World Championship or the ISDE and Supermoto which came later as I believe he would have been a very serious contender for titles in all.

  2. Awesome Guy, Fast Eddy is a stand up guy. Back in the Mid 2000s I was the Kawasaki MX Race team manager and we wanted him tp come and attend a few races as a special guest. The guy said he had his hands full looking after his kids and no matter what we offered him including paying him and being able to bring the kids hotels what ever …. wouldn’t come at it … said he was done with that part of his life….

  3. Man that was great! Eddie was so fast as a amateur and being from Ohio you always heard stories of his speed.
    Thank you Eddie for sharing your life and Steve for sharing his story.

  4. W.Carroll, Remember the battles at Delta MX Park in the early 80’s, Dude kicked everyone ass at a LL qualifier . His Father was cool too. He always ran around with a 5 gal. bucket of tools..:) good years. Good to hear he’s doing well.

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