The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Skip Norfolk and Tony Berluti

The two former factory mechanics come back to the studio to talk about their past jobs, their thoughts on the MX series now, they take your questions from Instagram and more

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  1. Great podcast. I was working for Cornwell Tools and set-up and managed the Tool Sponsorship between Cornwell and Suzuki (with Roger specifically). I knew very quickly that most of the Suzuki mechanics were not happy with having to use our Tools. While I tried to smooth things over, some mechanics did not want to hear it, but Tony was a great guy and we had several conversations about our sponsorship, and his desire to use Snap-On. I totally understand mechanics, and the trust they place in their tools.

    While I wish we could have stayed with Roger and Factory Suzuki, in the end we were just a Tool Sponsor.

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