The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Tommy Watts

Matthes catches up to Team Green 80’s star Tommy Watts on what he’s doing now, pool, golf, his amateur MX career, working with Berloot, his ’87 500 national results, why he hung it up, his best races and more.

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  1. Enjoyed your podcast. Brought back a lot of memories. You sure did your research on this. Our family experienced a lot of memories snd fun during Tommy’s racing days.

  2. Great podcast. I was lucky to go with Tony and Tommy to some of his races in the box van. Best memories was watching Tommy battle with Stanton at Saddleback.

  3. Tommy was a great rider! I would enjoy watching him ride at Kenworthy’s mx and a couple other tracks around Ohio.I bet if he would have been from California he would have been a full factory rider!He was that talented!Great podcast!!!Thanks

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