Shifting Gears: The Zach Osborne Podcast

Guest: Tyla Rattray

Zach Osborne talks to world champion turned trainer Tyla Rattray about what he’s doing now, the European MX system, MXDN and more

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  1. Fucking amateur man. Sort the sound.
    Some good guests but to date I have not listened to a full episode. Unless you live on the street you must be able to access a quite room or studio.
    Plain lazy

  2. Sound doesnt bother me but what does bother me is constantly talking over the top of the guest. This isn’t a unique complaint to Zach. Almost all amateur interviewers are eager to give their opinion during the interview. Its ok to give your opinion Zach but wait till the person getting interviewed is done expressing his thought first.

    Otherwise I think Zach is doing a good job.

  3. Zach’s doing a good job considering he still a pro racer doing this as a hobby.

    If you want to listen to SHIT , go over to Emig and Carmichael’s mess…three deep and still the worst podcast on the internet…yikes!!! Haven’t made it pass 20 minutes on any of those…

    They were (and are) professional broadcasters…so considering that Zach is technically still learning…he’s light years ahead of the so called “Pros”…

  4. The frustration is not directed at Zach more the production. I’m hoping Matthes can hook him up on that side.

    If your in a noisy wagon it doesn’t stand out so much, however when your listening with noise cancelling headphones you’ll hear a mouse fart, just the era we’re in now

    Guess it shows how good Matthes shows are now and where the bar is.

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