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Houston SX 2019 Review

Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.

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  1. Hockey has contact. There’s clean hits and bad hits.
    You could knock someone down and hurt them with a clean hit, then we have hits with and elbow or hands up and they are dirty but it’s still contact. Motocross should be looked at like hockey there’s good hits and bad hits.
    Tbone passing is not clean, it’s all angles like front end hits the side of a bike with intent from the rider should be a time penalty or something.
    Webb should not apologize, you’re a fucking racer fuck Marvin and ktms feelings it’s not a team sport as much as people think it is, webb is gonna win the championship and probably doesn’t give a fuck about anyone in his way and that is why he will be a champ.

    1. Totally agree…Matthes, call Hannah and R. J on the show and have them lecture your wonder twins of Weege and. JT on what real racing is…

  2. I think Tomac isn’t motivated. I think he is having problems at kawi, hes back in the points, guys are going fast and tracks have been kinda weird. I think that’s making him burnt out and not want to ride for kawi. Also mabey he has been in talks with another team and is over kawi and this championship and isn’t ready to risk it to get a win, he is just riding it out and not taking risks and getting payed.
    In his head he isn’t going to win this championship and hes not going to throw away a possible new ride for next year or even motocross. I think he has been burned by kawi and doesn’t believe in the team.

  3. I agree with Mackenzie Zuest…If your out of the hunt for the championship and your looking forward to outdoors I would assume you make smart moves to keep safe, take the lead when you get the start but take care in the traffic and battles to ride another day. Maybe he needs an outside mental coach too – who knows. Either way its cool.

  4. I’m at a loss to why all 3 of you have no idea what happened with Tomac and Marv at the finish. You all know the very quickest way to a finish line like that is a quick inside. That inside and rolling the finish line will be faster 90% of the time. That’s why they do it during qualification at the end of the lap. Tomac was so sure he had the advantage, he didn’t give it much effort. He knew he couldn’t be burned on the inside, and odds were against a pass long outside. Marv killed that corner and charge to the finish. ET got burned.

  5. One theory on Tomac: he has a MX title to defend. He’s had some bad get-offs in the past that might haunt him. Maybe whenever he feels he’s riding in a way that could conceivably lead to a crash, he shifts down into take it easy mode so he’s able to make it to MX.

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