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Loretta Lynn’s MX 1 2020 Review

Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.

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  1. The Governors office in Washington state on two separate phone calls stated that there are NO CHANGES PLANNED in the “Stay Home Stay Safe”. Fascist stage we are in.

    1. * July 3: Governor Inslee suspended all counties progressing any further from their current phase, due to Covid-19 activity in the state.

      *July 8: Clark County remained in Phase 2 (due to July 3 suspension) and no longer met the requirements to progress to Phase 3. Positive Covid-19 cases continued to increase. Subsequently, Clark County’s application to progress to Phase 3 was returned by the State to Clark County, due to the facts in the application no longer being applicable. Clark County was told to rewrite and resubmit the application.

      *July 16: Governor Inslee suspended all major indoor/outdoor entertainment and reduced Phase 2 gatherings to five people.

      *Jul 29: Governor Inslee extended indefinitely the hold on counties progressing to the next phase.

      *August 17: Clark County remains in Phase 2 with no established date to progress to Phase 3.

      The amateur event now planned for this weekend met the requirements laid out in the June 24 recreational-use letter, but the current guidance from the state does not contemplate all of the peripheral activity associated with a pro national motocross event, including substantial numbers of working individuals for TV production on two different networks, our extensive medical unit and related crew, dozens of officials, and the number of crew members for most of the teams (they exceed five people, and they do not meet the requirement of being members of a common household, a provision that was not in the original June 24 guidance).

  2. Weegee, please, explain:

    Anstie 11-10 is “disappointing” ? After a year off the bike from gnarly injury, in the most stacked class, on a new bike … But a 23-9 for Harrison, who is signed for one of the best (if not the best) factory 250 team – while battling with amateurs riders – is great ?

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