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Pulpmx Show #401 Wrap Up Show

Darkside welcomes in TJ Albright and @bobbyCheezus to talk about Pulpmx Show #401 including the MXDN discussions and negativity, will the USA ever win again, RBSR, two beds pushed together, will Steve race the World Vets, Pookie. voice mails amd how we’d like to see behind the scenes Vlogs

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  1. Darkside, I just wanna say that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Ever since I met y’all at the live show in Vegas, I’ve been hooked on Pulp. I listen at work and impress my former pro MXer boyfriend when I lay moto knowledge on him. Being in the know deepens my appreciation for the sport and athletes. I love what you do. Keep the content coming! I enjoy Hello Pookie, she’s so real, just a genuine sweetheart with a possitive outlook.

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