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Pulpmx Show #430 Wrap Up Show

This week Darkside welcomes on privateer heroes Cade Clason and Alex Ray to discuss Pulpmx Show #430 including Cade winning the Yamaha LCQ Challenge cash, the Sexton/Nichols incident, Eli Tomac, Betts vs Skip in the trivia challenge, Matthes vs Betts and much more

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  1. Brother…You ain’t kidding! People go that dude in 12th sucks..SMH..They have no idea how bad ass these guys are!!! Take your local 1st place expert at your local track ( if you have 1 anymore? ) That guy will get destroyed by the guys that don’t qualify for main events….The talent is so incredible…We’re just spoiled and newbie has no clue….It’s a shame.

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